See Ya Later Space Cowboy

“Gaunt is a man out of step; he would have been at home in the 1960s and ’70s, mixing it with such prodigies as Todd Rundgren and Tim Buckley. Accordingly, here he shifts gears between the locomotive blues of Galactic North, trippy pop, ambient groove (The Grassy Seas Of Ganymede, anyone?) and the sweetly stoned acoustica of Blue Skies For Miles – all without missing a beat. Is geography the only thing preventing this one-man band from becoming a serious contender?”

– Jeff Apter – Sydney Morning Herald

Fade Away My Sweet Horizon

“Fade Away, My Sweet Horizon” is a musical odyssey showcasing the best of Nathan’s work. The album traverses genres, from the rootsy rock of “See Ya Later, Space Cowboy” to the atmospheric trip-hop of “Halcyon Dazed.” It also revisits the country-rock-jazz fusion of “Headlights on the Hills.” Highlighting Nathan’s live show favourites, the album includes the mesmerizing 12-string guitar performance of “Yatra,” a song inspired by his travels in India.

Halcyon Dazed

“Best known as a rootsy guitar picker with a soulful voice, Gaunt has undergone a radical makeover with this digital distribution only LP. Disinformation Overload channels the best of trip hop, prog and alt rock, soaring like some lost track from Radiohead’s OK Computer, while avant gardists the Latin Playboys are another touchstone. Gaunt has injected these songs with enough raw power to be tapped as an alternative energy source.”

– Jeff Apter, Sydney Morning Herald 

Headlights on The Hills

“[Headlights on the Hills] should boost local WAMi award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Gaunt’s career into the realms of fame and fortune.

Gaunt’s mid-range voice and the minimal acoustic instrumentation are perfectly suited to the warmly melodic No One Comes Close and Houdini’s Escape. The standout, jazzy Take me Away is swelled by atmospheric violins and stretches his voice to the limits. Further proof – if proof is needed – of the wealth of talent waiting to be recognised this side of the border.

– Ray Purvis, The West Australian”

Escape and Return

Nathan plays a unique blend of atmospheric, soulful pop/folk/blues which is often influenced by his connection with the sounds of authentic Eastern music.

Nathan is no passenger on the nu-folk bandwagon, he’s a unique soul building a lifestyle around playing, exploring and writing music which equally references blues, folk, pop, soul and rock.

Escape and Return” received airplay on JJJ with a track (‘Need for You’) featuring on their “Roots n All” compilation. The album also received rotation & regional distribution across Australia and the US.