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News 23/12/2012

Merry Christmas to one and all!! We hope you are all having a great festive season, and are standing under the mistletoe next to the one you adore:o)

Usually around christmas time, we give away a special track to our loyal ear minions in thanks to their awesomeness, but this year we're doing something a little different....

As you know, the next album due by Mr Gaunt is titled "Sugar Rush City", and it's well overdue. We know. However, what perhaps you didn't know has become two albums; "Sugar Rush City Red" and "Sugar Rush City Blue". Apparently the story our intrepid troubadore was trying to convey would not fit across one full album, and thus it will be split into two.

Sugar Rush Blue will be a country/jazz/blues affair, while red is a little more....shall we

The albums will be released six months apart, with the first one due early next year.

So this christmas, we present to you one of the tracks off the forthcoming blue album, "Limitations". Check it out on our music player on the main site:o)

Merry Christmas, peoples, see you in the new year!!!


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